The Arena at North Notts Arena

Bassetlaw's Home of Sport & Entertainment

Since January 4th 2006 North Notts Community Leisure Limited have provided leisure and community facilities for the health and well-being of local people. After taking over the old Bassetlaw Leisure Centre, and renaming it North Notts Community Arena it has gone from strength to strength and has nurtured many links with local people, organisations, companies and facilities.

The Arena is now recognised as being Bassetlaw's home for Sport, Leisure and Entertainment, with the company and staff striving towards making the site a first class facility over the next few years.

North Notts Community Leisure Limited are a not for profit organisation with charitable status, therefore, any surpluses achieved, are re-invested back into the venue.

Company Aims and Objectives:

  • To maintain, sustain and increase the current level of community involvement, both in number and diversity to the benefit of the local community
  • To actively develop the use of facilities by the local community, particularly children, the disabled and other disadvantaged groups
  • To generate a community spirit within the local neighbourhood
  • To provide both young and old with somewhere to go
  • To fill the Arena with diverse and wide ranging activities and people
  • To provide the community with a drop in centre that enables them to participate in activities that promote social inclusion and interaction

Some interesting facts about North Notts Community Arena

  • The Arena has been operating since January 4th 2006.
  • Almost 1.5 million visitors in the first 14 years.
  • The Arena attracts over 112 groups weekly.
  • 89% customer satisfaction over the first 14 years.
  • Just over £800,000 external funding has been accessed to improve the facilities.
  • Security of employment for 14 local people + 6 volunteers.
  • 74 school children, disabled and disadvantaged people from the local community have benefited from the work experience programme at the Arena.
  • Social inclusion - 58% of all users are over 65, with over 12,200 disabled and disadvantaged people participating in structured activity sessions a year with 16% of users children and young people.

Quote 'the most diverse facility in Bassetlaw'

Quote 'there's always a warm welcome for everyone'

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  • Daz Layden

"A great vibrant and welcoming facility that grows each year!!"